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Viktoria Berlin - SV Meppen

Viktoria Berlin has been relegated back to the 4th level of German football after only one year. There was still hope to survive in the 3. Liga on the last matchday of the season. Due to a 3-4 loss and also Verl winning their game the team failed. In a colourful Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark we especially enjoyed the second half with seven goals in total. We were also surprised by the fanatic support of SV Meppen, even though for them there was nothing to play for anymore.

Viktoria Berlin exists officially only since the year 2013. It is a fusion between the clubs Berliner FC Viktoria 1889 and LFC Berlin. The first of the two has managed all the way back in the years 1894, 1908 and 1911 to become the champions of Germany. The fusion got realized with the vision to become the third biggest team of Berlin and go after Union and Hertha who are in the first league. This season started for Victoria Berlin surprisingly well as they won their first three games. It gave the fans hope as the wins were against top teams such as Eintracht Braunschweig and Kaiserslautern. These are teams that ended up being in the second and third place of the 3. Liga. Since those wins slowly the season turned into a struggle for Viktoria. The team faced a lot of L's and even managed to experience three and a half months without a win at all.

Today a win was a must but then also Verl had to lose their game. A difficult task but it was not impossible. The first half Viktoria Berlin did not show much passion and the home fans did not help. The small group of fanatic fans was rather quiet. On the pitch Viktoria Berlin played awful. Some players really made mistake upon mistake and just passing to the right colour was sometimes already a task itself.

Only one player stood out from the rest. This was Cebrails Makreckis from Latvia. For five months he has been a player of Viktoria Berlin who gave him a contract after his time at the second team of Borussia Dortmund was over. That he had technique and a great overview was clear for us to notice, this guy is a talent. This he developed at the youth academy of Leverkusen. It would be a shame if Makreckis had to play a division lower.

The first half went by without any goals. How surprised were we to see a second half with seven goals, passion and aggression. SV Meppen rewarded their away fans first with two goals after only seven minutes in the second half. Things looked miserable for Viktoria now as also Verl scored a goal, the only team that could replace their relegation spot. But then 'Viki' became awake.

A new tactic helped the home team to some goals, by simply putting in crosses the defense of Meppen had difficulties. When Viktoria managed to get things in the 90th minute to a 3-3 draw, everyone had their hope back. But then, immediately from the kick-off, a through ball on Meppen striker Richard Sukuta-Pasu was given and with all his experience he sealed the game and relegation of Viktoria Berlin. The home team showed resilience but in the end it was just not enough. SV Meppen did their duty and thanked the fans for their support this season.

The Viktoria players went to the ground to process their relegation and after a while went to the small group of fanatic fans to apologize and thank them for the support. Most of them gave away their shirts. This relegation could also mean their last game in the beautiful Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. BFC Dynamo finished on top in the regional 4th Liga and might get promoted to the 3. Liga if they win the play-offs. This could mean BFC will get the honour to play in this colourful place. In that case Viktoria will go back to their old stadium, Stadion Lichterfelde. The third team of Berlin is not something that Viktoria will become soon. Especially not if BFC Dynamo is going to take their place in the 3. Liga of Germany.


Match Report

Match: Viktoria Berlin - SV Meppen

Competition: 3. Liga

Date: 14-05-2022

Time: 13:30

Weather: 20 degrees

Transport: Flixbus

Country: Germany

Place: Berlin

Stadium: Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark

Supporters: 2.400 Capacity: 19.708

Atmosphere: 5

Price: 5,-

Ticket type: E-Ticket

Beer: 4,-

Result: 3-4

Man of the match: Cebrails Makreckis

Match events:

‘48, 0-1: Fassbender

‘52, 0-2: Tankulic

‘65, 1-2: Menz

‘69, 1-3: Kruger

‘85, 2-3: Gunte

‘90, 3-3: Gunte

‘90+1, 3-4: Sukuta-Pasu


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